We tried 8 hot sauces with our chicken. Here’s what we found.

It's gettin' hot in here.

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If you know anything about us, you know we’re famous for our perfectly seasoned chicken.

But we know that many of you like to kick things up a notch.

So we grabbed a few 2 Pc Dinner Combos (which are only $5 for a limited time at participating locations!) and tried eight hot sauces (many recommended by our fans) on our chicken.

Here’s how it went down…

marie sharp

Hot Sauce: Marie Sharp’s Belizean Heat

Verdict: This one is HOT! And while the flavor is great, we think it’s a little too hot for our chicken. This habanero pepper sauce left our mouths a little numb.

texas pete

Hot Sauce: Texas Pete

Verdict: Our hot sauce of choice and for a good reason. It’s smooth with an enjoyable kick. We definitely keep packets of this one on hand at all times.

secret aardvark

Hot Sauce: Secret Aardvark

Verdict: The tang of this habanero hot sauce doesn’t quite mesh with our chicken. A little too sweet.  We didn’t try this, but we think it’d go great on our Grilled Chicken Sandwich.


Hot Sauce: Cholula

Verdict: You’ve probably seen this one at your favorite Mexican restaurant. We’re big fans of it on our chicken! It reminds us of Texas Pete with an extra peppery kick.


Hot Sauce: Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo

Verdict: Big fan of this one. We recommend slathering some Frank’s on a few of our chicken wings.


Hot Sauce: Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce

Verdict: Most known to pair with Asian foods, and we think we’ll keep it that way. Great flavor but doesn’t mesh well with our seasoned chicken.

green tabasco

Hot Sauce: Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce

Verdict: There was some hesitation within our team for even trying this one with our chicken. But guess what? It works! The slightly sour hints work surprisingly well. And for folks who can’t handle the heat of the more aggressive hot sauces, this one may work for you.

pain 100 percent

Hot Sauce: Pain 100%

Verdict: Truly, this one is 100% pain. While we highly respect those who can use it, we don’t think we’ll douse our chicken in this one again!


So grab a 2 Pc Dinner Combo (available for just $5 at participating locations for a limited time) and do some taste tests yourself. Be sure to let us know your favorite hot sauce on Twitter!

Disclaimer: Opinions are our own. We did not partner with any of these hot sauce brands to create this content.